Capelrig Tower

Capelrig Tower

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Capelrig Tower west elevation 2008The origins of Capelrig Tower, or as it is sometimes known, Patterton Tower have puzzled many people. It appears today to serve no useful purpose.

It was built in the second half of the 18th century by the owners of the Capelrig estate but whether it was built by the Mure Family or Robert Barclay who purchased the estate from the Mures in 1765 is not certain. One opinion is that it is most likely to have been the Mures as the tower resembles the old watchtower on the hillside near the Mures’ Caldwell estate.

At that time, hare coursing was a very popular sport which involved dogs chasing hares. Although not participating in the sport, it is  believed that the ladies enjoyed watching the chase. One possibility is that the tower was built as a viewpoint for the ladies of Capelrig House to watch the sport.

Today, the tower is surrounded by new housing, forgotten, almost completely hidden by the growth around it and  in a fairly ruinous state.



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