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                              SYLLABUS 2018 - 2019


4th September                “Empire Exhibition and the Capelrig Path”

A double bill. The first half celebrates the 80th anniversary of the 1938 Bellahouston Empire Exhibition and the second half describes the Capelrig Stones, a series of local carvings by our artist speaker.

James Winnett


2nd October                     “Sir William Macewen and Erskine Hospital”

 ‘Scotland’s most distinguished surgeon is ‘The Man for the Moment’ as   wartime injuries mount in 1915.

Professor Ken Paterson

6th  November                 “World War 1 Women”

             ‘Canary Girls’ working on the home front to support the war effort

 Barbara Graham

20th November**               Film Night - The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie   (members only)**                             

A headstrong young teacher in 1930’s Edinburgh ignores the curriculum and influences her impressionable 12 year old charges with her over romanticised world view leading to tragic results.

4th December                 “James Anderson of Anderson’s Garage”

Mechanical genius, astute Businessman and amateur film maker - a compilation of his movies.                

Tom  Marchant


8th January                     “Glasgow’s Merchant City  

The transformation and renewal of Glasgow’s first new town - copiously illustrated.

David Martin

22nd January**                    Film Night -  The Village that Disappeared (members only)**

The Story of Newton Mearns.

A Film by Tom and Josette Marchant    


5th February                   “Covenanters in and around Renfrewshire”

An account of Scottish Covenanters in the 17th century focussing on people places and martyrs.

 Dane Love

5th March                        “The Romans in Scotland”

            Find out what were the three main invasions of Scotland. Includes the Antonine Wall and other possible places to visit.

Dr June Neilson

19th March**                       Film Night - Gorbals Story (1950) (members only)**

Russell Hunter stars in this gritty no holds barred drama set in the Gorbals  A young artist is almost driven to murder from the pressures of living in the Glasgow slum area.  

2nd  April*                           “When Sundays Brought the Post”

Celebrating the centenary of the Sunday Post - quick fire repartee from a pair of erudite insiders

Jill Scott & Bill Hicks    

       * This meeting will be preceded by the AGM.

                       Please note that the JANUARY MEETING 2019

will be held on

TUESDAY 8th JANUARY                          

  **Due to licensing restrictions film nights have to be restricted to members     only.

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